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                Welcome to Dongguan Wen Xing Bridge Steel Co. Ltd.!
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                Hot-sale Product
                We offer not only products, but also our professional pre-sale service.
                Company Profile
                Dongguan WENXING Steel Bridge co.,Ltd is a large enterprise is a trunking cable tray line pipe and fitings manufacturer,located in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong,location and convenient transportation, The main products are:trunking,steel cable,tray,aluminum cable tray,bos duat,pipe,power distribution box,distribution cabinet,hardware accessories,Over the years,the company adhering to the'brand *- credibility-let the world agree,"BAIYEWENXING China has now become the trunking and cable trays famous brands.
                BAIYEWENXING has introduced advanced production equipment(CNC bending maching,hydraulie,hydraulic shears,CNC punching,high-frequency welded pipe,etc)。
                with a variety of precision molds,using automatic spraving,galvanizing production lines,producing ultra-fine technology with high quality raw materials,thus casting a variety of high quality
                Project Case
                Strength brand display
                Brand reputation - let the world agree
                Has become a famous brand Chinese line slot and cable tray

                Introduce domestic and foreign advanced production equipment

                Super fine production process with high quality raw materials

                Products are widely used in the national, provincial and municipal key construction projects

                To obtain the relevant certificates issued by the national authorities

                Dongguan Wen Xing Bridge Steel Co. Ltd.

                ADD: Room 401, San He Building, No. 123, Song Xi Road, Liao Bu, Dongguan

                TEL: 0769-82311842 / 82314391

                FAX: 0769-23618169

                EMAIL: dgwxgg@126.com

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